Prowealth Formula

The Prowealth Process

Over 25 years, we’ve developed a process to ensure success through investment property. 

Right now, we are at step one – asking questions.

When was the last time you sat down and really looked at your current financial position and where you might end up in 10, 20 or 30 years time? 

The results may scare you.

We take a deep dive into your current financial beliefs, goals and aspirations. 

We’ll debunk some common myths and highlight some areas in your finances that may need attention.

Some of it is simply understanding where you might end up if you do nothing.

We believe the overall goal of any investment strategy is to gain the best return on your investment over time, the end result being a portfolio of assets that can create an income stream to pay off consumer debt and home loans, maintain a lifestyle in retirement, or simply to be financially free. 

You need to make a choice, a choice to take action or a choice to be satisfied with the status quo.

Here are some reasons why…

Daniel Goodwin Property Expert

Daniel Goodwin, Prowealth CEO

The Prowealth Property Investment Formula

The Prowealth® Formula has four key elements:
Property, Finance, Tax and You.


We look at location, inclusions, infrastructure through to property management. We work with award winning builders and developers to acquire you an investment property to our exact specifications. We manage the entire process as if it were our own.


We ensure your finance is setup correctly to free up cash flow, minimise the effect of interest and allow you to access equity when you need it.


We help you legally minimise your tax by using through structures and tax planning to decide who will receive the income and profit now and in the future.


Ultimately you are the most important part of the equation. Recognising the need to improve your financial position during your working life is an important first step. You need to consider your current assets, like your home and Super for example, and decide what you need to do to capitalise on the opportunities that lay dormant in them.

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Our purpose is to improve your financial position through property. Our process makes it stress free for you to get started or keep growing and our formula has presented families the opportunity to be financially free for over 25 years. We can do it all for you or work with your own advisors to ensure the best possible outcome. We’ll be here to help you every step of the way to financial freedom.

Prowealth® Trusted Property Investment Advice since 1994.