What’s the next step?
What does it cost?

An appointment with one of our Prowealth Property Investment Advisors is FREE. We start with a 1 hour ‘Fact Find’ appointment. This can be done in your home, in our offices or via a phone / video chat. We’ll ask you about your current financial circumstances, and what you would like to achieve.

It’s not all about retirement (although that’s an important thing to consider). Some clients are looking to save tax now, pay off home loan and other debt and grow an investment property portfolio. You don’t have to wait till your 65 to enjoy the benefits of property investment!

We don’t charge for our services, rather we are remunerated by commission for the sale of a property or the placement of a home loan. That way, we don’t get paid a cent unless you are entirely happy with our recommendations. (The only exception is if we are engaged as your buyers agent to source a specific property for you, in which case you pay a buyers agent fee).

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