Planning and investing for your future is simple.
That might sound strange coming from us, but its true. You can visit any real estate agent, financial planner or mortgage broker and read a glossy brochure, pay a deposit then cross your fingers and hope it works out. At Prowealth, we see our role as your partner in wealth creation. A service that justifies a life long relationship with you. We believe Property Investment is the safest way to invest for your future.

Prowealth’s Property Investment formula has four key elements to it :


We help you legally minimise your tax, through structures and incentives at both a state and federal level. A substantial amount of tax incentives are available to property investors.


We ensure your finance is setup correctly from day one to grow your property investment portfolio and protect your home. Advice on structuring property investment loans are crucial for property investors to keep growing and minimise interest holding costs.


Its important to get property investment right from the start. We get the details like location, inclusions, infrastructure through to property management advice upfront. We also work with the best builders and developers in the country to build you an investment property to our custom specifications. We then manage your investment property as if it were our own. (Property Management available in greater Brisbane only)


Our purpose is to improve your financial position through property. Our process makes it stress free for you to get started or keep going. Our formula has presented more families the opportunity to be financially free than any other Property Investment company the country. We can help you too.

Refined constantly over time, we know the vital elements to make your property investments work. We’ve been here for 25 years, and we’ll be here for many more. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to speak to you.
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